Tim Holmes started at InControl in 2008.  He grew up on Mercer Island and graduated from the University of Washington in Mechanical Engineering and later with an MBA.  He has held management and service positions with the US Army, Siemens, ATS Automation, and Alerton.  He used to wear Harry Potter glasses before they were cool, and for a very long time after they were done being cool.

Kevin Caskey started at InControl in 2008.  He grew up in Spokane and barely graduated from the University of Washington with a degree in math.  Kevin had sales and management positions with Siemens, Phoenix Controls, and Aircuity.  He lives in Downtown Seattle with his wife and 11 cats.  

Michael Gust started at InControl in 2003.  He grew up in Chicago and moved to the Seattle area in the 90s.  Michael has a degree in astronomy/physics, and enjoys tennis with his wife and kids.  Michael is the only employee at InControl that can name all of the Power Rangers.

Sara Close has worked at InControl since 2010.  She grew up in Renton and went to UW, graduating in Sociology.  Sara lives in Covington with her husband and is determined to make sure that there is always room in her garage for cars.

Rick Carney started in Vancouver, WA and traveled all over the world with the US Navy as a fire controlman.   He has 10 years of controls experience with BACnet and Tridium systems.  Rick married his high-school sweetheart, they have two children and he recently bought his daughter a kitten even though he is allergic to cats.

Tom Mahrer started at InControl in 2018.  Tom has been in our industry for over 30 years and brings a wealth of experience to us. Most recently he was the Area Sales Manager for Johnson Controls in Washington and Oregon. He also has held sales and management positions with Environmental Controls Corp (ECC) in Oregon, as well as product management roles at the Alerton factory.

Cathy Nelson started at InControl in 2016.  She gradutated from the UW in Mechanical Engineering.  We haven't compared report cards, but we are very certain that she did better in every single engineering class than Tim did.  Cathy helps us with ordering material and getting statuses out to our customers.