TSI Nurses Station Monitor Addressing

The NSD8 Nurses Station is a really nice accessory if you have multiple room pressure monitors.  It allows central monitoring of all of the pressure sensors in that area via a TSI network, separate from the building controls system.

This limits nurses access to other areas, and duplicates the room interfaces that they see when you are in front of the monitored room.

We recently had a question about how multiple rooms are displayed on the NSD8, if you are connecting to a RPM20 that has several pressure sensors.

The NSD8 pulls in all of the pressure sensors attached to each RPM20, in the order of the "nurse address".  Again, this duplicates what they see at the rooms, so if there are rooms you want excluded from the NSD8 then you should leave the RPM off the nurses station network.

See the picture for how the rooms are ordered on the display.