Danfoss VFD Analog output scaling

We had a recent request about using the analog output on the VFD. This is the analog output at terminals 42/39 (42 is the output, 39 is the common).

A couple of notes:.

  1. It is ONLY a 0/4-20ma output, there is no selector switch to change it to voltage.
  2. Depending on which output parameter you select, those values will be either output as 0-20ma or 4-20ma, there are selections for both. 

    An example is [107] Speed is 0-20ma, [137] Speed is 4-20ma

  3. You can select what parameter you want the output to follow using parameter 6-50, here are some of the more common ones:
  • [137] Speed 4-20ma, scaled from 0 to whatever the speed high limit in par 4-13, usually 60Hz
  • [133] Motor Current 4-20ma, scaled from 0 to "Inverter Max", should be motor nameplate FLA but you can verify it from par 16-37.  This would be different for different motors of course.

Please call us if you have any questions on how to use the analog output.