Bacnet and Digital Inputs for VFDs

8-01 parameter.jpg

A customer called today and was asking about a VFD that would only start AFTER a power cycle, run for a while and then would stop.

They were starting the drive with a contact closure on digital input 18, but also connected over bacnet.

In these cases where both comm and hardwired points are connected, it is possible to get multiple start or stop commands conflicting that result in unreliable start/stop behavior. This happens when the bacnet BV start point is placed on a graphic or in the schedule, while the BO is also scheduled or commanded.

Here is how you can fix this:

If you are ONLY going to start the VFD using the hardwired point:

Set parameter 8-01 “control site” to "[1] Digital Only”. Now bacnet commands to start or stop the drive will have no effect, only the hardwire digital point will work.