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The most commonly requested information:

Danfoss "VLT HVAC" Drive:  This is the primary VFD that we sell, it has the most features and flexibility of the Danfoss models.  

If you want to purchase a VFD we need to know the following information:

1. Service voltage (generally 208 or 460V, 3-phase).

2. Enclosure type:  NEMA1 or NEMA12 for indoors, NEMA3R or NEMA4 for outdoors.  It depends on where you want to mount the VFD.  Danfoss VFDs can be mounted up to 165 feet from the motor, so that may make it easier to mount the VFD in a safer or more serviceable location.

3. Other Accessories: Bypass, input/output electrical filters, communications options.  Don't worry if you don't know this, we can talk you through the options.


VLT HVAC Programming Guide

Option Panel Manual