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The most commonly requested information:

Gold Series Transmitters: This is the top of the line system from Ebtron, it supports the full range of sizes, mounting styles, and output options.  We use this for ducts, fan inlets (up to 8 fans with a single transmitter), and bleed sensors (for very precise pressure readings).  There is a digital display and user interface that makes it very easy for operators and services technicians to see what is going on.

ELF Probes: "ELF" stands for "Electronic Low Flow", this is the flow and temperature measuring probe for smaller ducts.  This is MUCH better than flow rings that use velocity pressure, the ELF has 3% of reading accuracy from 0-3000fpm.  Velocity pressure rings have very limited accuracy only at the calibrated point, where the ELF works across the entire range.  Substitute the ELF for velocity pressure rings in any application where you actually care about the airflow reading-- especially flow tracking, room pressurization, or other critical applications up to 16" round ductwork.